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What can I not put in my container/dumpster?

Materials like hazardous waste, yard waste, concrete, tires, appliances and electronics should not go into your container and/or dumpster.

Hazardous waste includes paint cans, motor oil, aerosol cans, etc. If the label reads toxic, corrosive, reactive, flammable or keep out of reach of children, then it is a hazardous waste. Please check with your local landfill on ways to discard of hazardous waste safely.

Yard waste consists of leaves, grass, tree branches, stumps, clippings, and brush. Yard waste has been banned by the State of Iowa from being dumped in landfills. Contact your local landfill for more information.

Concrete, tires, appliances and electronics can be picked up for an addtional cost. Please contact us for an extra pick up.


Can I recycle with Donnie's Disposal ?

Donnie's Disposal does not collect recycling at this time. Please contact your local landfill.


Can I pay my bill with a credit card?

Donnie's Disposal  accepts credit cards, debit cards or electronic checks by phone, automatic pay, or email you an invoice which gives you a payment option and you can use online bill pay through your bank, send a check or money order. If you have any questions please contact us. 



When will my trash be picked up during a holiday?

Please review our Holiday Schedule on the Home page.


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